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Awakening Warriors is a 12 week journey for ladies looking to start or further their health and fitness goals.

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Course Information

Awakening Warriors is a 12-week journey for ladies looking to start or further their health and fitness goals. It is a well rounded class that looks to improve areas of cardiovascular fitness, total-body strength, awareness of nutrition and how we can live a happier-healthier-stronger life. A big portion of Awakening Warriors is surrounded around goal setting and action plans to reach personal goals and create healthy lifelong habits. The group works together to help support and aid one another as a network to be accountable to. Each 12-week session starts with an evening kickoff to introduce the class, act as a meet and greet of the coach and other team leaders as well as your warrior tribe. If you are looking for change this is the class for you.

Evening kickoff     March 29th @ 7:00pm
Session                  April 3rd – June 30th

6:30 - 7:30 am


Awakening Warriors is a motivating and invigorating way to start the day. If you want to inspire yourself to be the best and healthiest version of you – join this class of like minded encouraging friends! There is a goal setting component that keeps us consistent and accountable. The perfect combination of strength training and cardio in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. I had a blast in this class and loved how strong I felt after only a few weeks! This class is perfect for all levels and suitable for those with physical limitations as Peggy is excellent at individualizing and adapting movements to suit. In Awakening Warriors everyone belongs – you will not regret joining this class!

M. Paterson

Awakening Warriors is a great program in a fabulous welcoming environment.The love and support in the room from the group of ladies in the class is wonderful . We are all at different levels of fitness and strength , both physical and mental , and it is so nice to have everyone cheering you on . There was no judgement or competition between participants and I really appreciated that . Peg keeps us focused on our goals and won’t let us give up on ourselves . The variety of activities makes sure you won’t get bored and keeps you working all different muscle groups . I gained muscle , strength, endurance and confidence in the class . I also made a bunch of friends. I will now even participate in the recreational boxing class with people of all ages , genders and abilities without feeling like I don’t belong. The Bulldogs Boxing Gym is like a family ,a big , goofy, energetic, loud ,lovely family. Awakening Warriors will help you get your mind and body back in shape.

Darlene Ogilvie

The Awakening Warrior program is not your average gym experience. It’s a holistic approach to your health. This program creates a community among its members, a safe and encouraging space to push your limits and challenge old stories about what you think is possible. I’ve personally benefitted from more than just the fitness component – although, that has been incredible and the coach has been able to meet everyone exactly where they are at. The goal-setting sessions and accountability that is built into the program along with the support from the coach outside of class has helped me achieve more than I ever dared to dream would be possible. In the process, I’ve gained a new level of confidence and an incredible community.


I joined Awakening Warriors in hopes of getting back on track with my physical fitness. I am not usually one to join groups or classes, but I heard it was a great program so figured I’d give it a shot. I can’t quite put into words how good of a decision that was. I loved everything about it, the exercises, the format, the coaching, the tribe. I honestly never would have thought I’d get up that early every day or stick to a schedule, but I was motivated. And, the difference in the fitness test from the beginning to the end was a huge surprise, because I was so busy enjoying the classes that I didn’t notice how much stronger I was getting. Peggy is a fantastic coach, it’s a super supportive environment, and it’s fun!!

Sherri D


Meet Our Team

Business owner and visionary of Bulldogs Fitness and Boxing Centre. Peggy started Bulldogs Boxing in 2009 and grew it from a boxing club to a community full of people of all ages with different abilities and goals. She strives to make it a place that everyone belongs and feels connected.

Peggy is a lifelong learner. She studied criminology and has most recently become a certified Behavioural Interventionist (BI). She is constantly filling her mind with new information on how to be a better coach through her participation in various courses. Currently, Peggy is a level 3 NCCP coach and holds a spot on the high performance coaching board for Boxing BC.

Peggy loves to work with people of different abilities and tap into their potential. As a coach she gets to cultivate strong bodies and minds.

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